Sunday, April 10, 2011

Since we last met . . .

Last week I wrote my blog about working with the first graders, clicked on the facebook button to post it there, and damn!  I was notified I was reported as spam and abusive.  I don't know what happened.  A friend told me she had 4 other friends who had the same thing happen.  One was a blogger with 30, 000 followers, not a person who should be blocked.  I appealed twice, heard nothing from facebook and became hurt and mad about the block.  Today, I was allowed to post.  Yippee!!!

In spite of the above we are having a wonderful weekend. On Friday Marty and I celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary.  We saw a movie, The Adjustment Bureau, which we really liked.  Makes you think.  Then we went to the Berkeley Bowl, our all time favorite grocery.  We bought crab rolls, a chopped marinated tuna bowl, and live lobster. 

You will notice there are no veggies in the meal we were going to have.  The crab rolls had pickled ginger and the tuna bowl had avocado, julienned cucumbers and rice. That was all the veggies we needed. The lobster only needed melted butter and lemons from our tree.  We drank Maker's Mark to toast 44 years, and white wine with dinner.  A perfect meal.

Yesterday it just got better and better.  Our nephew and his family came for brunch.  This is a brave couple.  Get three little kids up on Saturday morning, gather toys,(toys are a must, they are coming to a home with nothing for little ones other than a DVD player)  and drive an hour to arrive before 10:30.  We had fun with the kids, aged 7, almost 4, and 7 months.  The parents were fun too.

I served marinated vegetables, dried fruit, chicken salad, doughnuts, a spicy cheese frittata, baked French Toast, bacon, and lots of mimosas. Mimosas were just for the adults.  The kids had juice.  My thought was with that much variety there would be something besides doughnuts the kids would like.  And I was right.

Tonight, we have company coming.  Hey, the house is clean, I have all the people I can on the clean cycle.  I have made a shrimp salad and I'm getting ready to make a tortilla soup.

Good Times!

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Sue T. said...

Janet, the famous movie critic Roger Ebert posted on Twitter that he was having the same problem with Facebook... so you're in good company.