Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

A side note to the above title. I said something about arithmetic one day to the class. None of them knew what arithmetic meant. They have only heard the word math. When I was in school, a hundred years ago, it was arithmetic until high school, then it became MATH.  Now it is math in kindergarten. 

Tuesday I worked with the first graders.  They were in small groups: some reading with Ms H., others doing creative writing, a group was working on independent writing, another was again doing the dreaded math worksheets with the tiles. I worked with the math group and made sure they knew what they were doing.  Then I moved to the independent reading.  They read a story, write several sentences about the story, draw a picture, and read the story to one of the adults.

The  independent reading was great.  One little boy O had finished all his work.  He had several options to choose from for free time.  He picked none of them.  His choice was to sit and listen to the little boy H, next to him, read to me.  H was reading a take off of Chicken Little, The Sky is falling.  H reads fairly well, he has expression, good speed, and has fun reading.  O listened to the story and kept scooting closer to look at the pictures.  It really was sweet seeing O enjoying the story and H doing such a good job reading.  Man, I do love my first graders. 

I worked one on one with the slower readers.  Some of them are really coming along.  And others are just not progressing.  One little boy R hates working with me.  He just doesn't want to work with me, because it becomes work.  He is a goof off.  He was a week behind the little books we read.  I caught him up to the rest of the group and then worked with the rest of the group .

I had time to work with him on this week's book. I didn't want him upset because he had to work with me again.  Ms. H asked him if he wanted to have some free time or read to me.  He WANTED to work with me.  I nearly passed out.  He really read well.  I was so pleased he was improving and that he was willing to do extra work.

As the children were lining up to go to lunch, Ms. H. told the children if they wanted to give me a hug before I left they could.  Be still my heart.  There is nothing better than little ones giving me a hug or asking me to hug them. 

I so love my first graders.

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