Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Kate and William will be marrying early Friday morning Pacific time. That is less than 48 hours from now.   I'm thinking that I am not going to be asked to perform the ceremony.  I guess they found someone local to do the ceremony.  That is just as well, as I hate to fly.

Seriously, the wedding is a huge deal.  How many of you are going to watch it live?  Marty and I are tempted.  The coverage begins before we would be going to bed.  Why not stay up, watch it and then sleep in on Friday? 

Americans want nothing to do with Kings and Queens as part of our government.  Yet, we are fascinated by the ancient traditions of royal ceremonies.  I remember as a child watching the coverage of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.  My Grandmother explained each step and what it represented.  Grandmother also was so sad for the young queen.  She kept saying this young woman  has lost her life as a wife and mother and will carry this burden until her death.

I am of the generation that saw Grace Kelly, movie star, become Princess Grace.  And what a wedding that was.  Life magazine had wonderful pictures.  And in order to get out of her 7 year studio contract, she gave the studio the rights to filming all the wedding festivities.  All of my friends and I gave up on the idea of being movie stars.  We went right to deciding to marrying a prince. 

I watched Princess Anne's wedding.  That was the first British royal wedding to be televised. The traditions the TV talking heads explained to us were so interesting.    The beauty of that wedding, the Cinderella feel to the dresses, the carriages, it all made great TV.  It almost made me want to go out and get married again to Marty.  All we needed was several million dollars to put it on.   Then of course the world watched Charles and Diana marry.   His brothers' weddings were widely covered also.

From all the links, you can tell I really like British history and weddings.  I found lots more wonderful links, but decided most of you are now bored out of your gourds.  Sorry about that.

Everyone loves a good wedding.  I wish Kate and William all the best.  I will enjoy seeing all the traditions, fancy dresses and uniforms, and seeing all the "stars" who will be attending.  I also will be glad when it is over.  I am just a little tired of this wedding and it hasn't happened yet.

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vallerose said...

There is something fascinating about royal weddings which is very lacking in our classless democracy.
I believe my aunt, who was a terrific seamstress in England, made some of the dresses for one of Princess Anne's weddings.

I think this wedding has a high chance of succeeding because neither person was forced into it.