Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's 94th birthday

My Mother had her 94th birthday April 20.  A friend of hers just emailed me some pictures of that day.  This does not mean this is the only celebrating Mother has done for her birthday.  The night before she went to a dinner party at a neighbor's.  The day of her birthday she had friends and family in for lunch.  Later that week she went to another dinner party in her honor.  Today she and Papa Jack were taken to lunch by friends to again celebrate her birthday.  Mother is so social my brother couldn't work in taking her to dinner until June 3.  Well, my brother travels a lot on business.  He will be out of town a large part of May.

Below are a few pictures of Mother, family, and some of her gifts.  The pictures were taken in Mother's kitchen.

Mother in red and white, Papa Jack almost showing in the middle holding Mother's walker, and my cousin Nancy.
Mother, Papa Jack, Nancy's daughter and granddaughter.
Mother and her birthday cake.

Flowers for the birthday girl.
 Happy Birthday, Mother.

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