Friday, May 13, 2011

Road Trip!

sub title:  Get out of the fast lane, you are only going the speed limit and slowing me down.

We spent 6 days in San Diego visiting friends who live there.  It is a long drive to San Diego from Oakland. Long and boring.  We left home at 9:00 and arrived there at 5:30.  After you leave the Bay Area it is nothing but farmland and 18 wheelers. I took several pictures (remember to click on the pictures to enlarge them, click twice to get them really big)  for facebook as we went down I 5.  They all look the same.  Trucks, cars, grass.

Here we are in OUR fast lane.  Marty is driving so we are probably hitting about 85.  I drive much slower, only 80.  We averaged 72 miles per hour.  Stopping for gas and road hogs who won't get over ruins your average.

It was our host Richard's birthday, his little nephew's birthday, Cinco de Mayo, Derby Day, and Mother's day all in one weekend.  On Saturday there was a huge party, lots and lots of appetizers and a huge buffet of great Mexican food. Oh  beer and wine were served also.

 Just so we could post it on facebook, we had Richard get in the kids' jumper castle. 
Tables are set up all over the patio and around the pool. The theme was some game ,Special Ops or something like that.    There were at least 60 people at the party. Half of them were little children.

 Staying with Richard and Luis is like being in a fine resort.  The view is incredible. Our suite was 5 star with chocolates on the bed. We had champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries on Mother's Day. We did nothing but relax and enjoy being with our friends and their family. 
 The outdoor kitchen, where we spent a large amount of our time.
 Marty and Richard having coffee on the patio.
 This is the cross on top of Mt. Helix.   This is a privately owned park with an amphitheater, great views, and the cross.
 We are at Mt. Helix looking at Mexico. The international border is just over the hill you see.  It was a ugly day, rain and lots of clouds.  But the clouds did make interesting pictures.
 Here we are looking at downtown San Diego and the Pacific Ocean.  I promise you, there is an ocean.
 On the road again heading to Oakland.  We are just trying to get out of the L.A area.  It takes forever to go through L.A.  It has to be the longest city in America.
Heading up The Grapevine. We climbed 4000 feet and then just dropped to the Valley.  And as you can see, trucks.  Lots and lots of trucks. 

We had a wonderful relaxing time with Richard and Luis.  We really miss them.  When they lived in San Francisco we saw them every week.  Now we see them if lucky once a year.  Thank goodness for Sykpe.  We do see them that way regularly.

Thanks Richard and Luis for the great vacation.  We love you.

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