Thursday, May 19, 2011

Three days of weddings

Now don't get all excited about lots of wedding stuff.  The reason three days are in one post, I only had 10 couples all together.  And there are no really stand out problems or weirdness. There were a few little quirks, some interesting fashions statements.  I am having more and more normal couples.

Most of these 10 couples giggled, laughed from nervousness.  Just to add to the tension, it is allergy season and my voice comes and goes. 

Not that I am judging, but one couple I felt were there a little soon.  Her divorce was final less than 2 weeks ago.  I know, I know.  She could have been separated for years.  It just made us all wonder.

One couple was a little older, in their 40s.  He was very dapper, she was in a lovely dress.  The fun part, he, not the bride posed for the pictures through most of the ceremony.  He never took his eyes off the camera person until he said his vows.  Then the feeling in the room became very intense.

One bride was nervous, and she wasn't sure if she was ready to begin the ceremony.  It wasn't she didn't want to marry him, she was just so shaky and close to hyperventilating.  I wasn't sure if she would make it.  She did.  The groom was in his army fatigues.  The bride in jeans and a frilly white top.  Her jewelry was a replica of his dog tags.  He is stationed in Korea and she will join him soon.

I had a series of weddings that the couples did not consider the "real" wedding.  Many couples told me they were getting married this summer.  I keep telling them this is the wedding, they are having a lovely party later. 

I made an awful error before one wedding.  The witness had very short close cut hair, baggy jeans, a striped golf shirt, no bust.  I said,  "HE can take pictures."  Then I saw the name of the witness, Mary Ann.  Not he but she.  I immediately apologized, and they all three laughed.  They thought it was hilarious.  Thank goodness I didn't really offend her.  But people, you would have made the same error.

One bride and her witness win earrings of the year award.  The witness had chandelier earrings that were below her shoulders.  They were silver hoops with pearls and strings of pearls.  The bride's earrings were below her shoulders also.  They were strings of pearls and pink feathers.  Just so much fun to look at.

Our last wedding was a couple in their late 30's.  They had a big group of friends and family with them.  Everyone was dressed up.  The men in suits, the women in party dresses.  All of the woman were in black and white, or in silver.  The bride wore a strapless white dress.  The top was satin and the skirt was a gorgeous heavy lace with a satin underskirt. NO thin white dress here.  And her shoes, you know how I love shoes:  white satin heels, on each toe was a satin four petaled flower with "jewels" inside.  Just beautiful!

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