Friday, May 6, 2011

Weddings from several days

This may be a long blog.  I haven't posted about weddings in a couple of weeks.  I will just write away and if it is too long you can quit reading.

The bride was 49 years old, the groom was 63.  She was stunningly beautiful.  Slim, black spiked hair, coal black eyes. She wore a black sheath that had an overall pattern of white flowers that were embroidered. The witness was a little scary in sort of a nice way.  She told me she was a "seer" for God and said to me, "You are the loveliest person I have ever met.  You are a really good person and you are kind." Goose bumps time.  She really gave me chills when she talked to me.

The bride wore a black sleeveless sheath with a high neck.  The neck was finished in overlaying circles of chiffon which made a necklace. The groom had been a widower for several years.  He was so moved by the ceremony, getting through the vows was tough for him.

The bride G wore grey chiffon, the groom wore grey shirt, grey tie, black slacks.  Their twin boys (10 to 12 years old) were dressed like Dad.  I asked if they had vows or wanted to say the traditional vows.  Traditional.  Her mother started yelling at G, "You have vows, you say them, you  . . ."  I had to tell Mom to be quiet, it wasn't her wedding, it was G's wedding.  G would do what she wanted.  Well G them wanted to say her own vows.  The groom R, deer in the headlights.  He told her he didn't have vows he wanted to do traditional.  This became an issue.  I took R aside and told him let her say her vows.  All he had to do was say I love you.  And no one has to hear what he says except G.  Well she says her vows and he clearly said some really lovely things.  So it worked out great.

A huge group, four elevators full.  They were from America Samoa.  This was one happy loud group.  This also was a group with a lot of screaming running children.  I made a new rule no children are allowed off the pew.  In the middle of the ceremony a toddler ran in front of me, I stopped and told the parents to come get their child.  Oh did I mention four of the rug rats screamed, not cried, screamed through the whole ceremony.  No one tried to hush them.  During the ceremony the bride and groom were tearful.  And the groom was so choked up he barely got the vows out.

The bride was pregnant, due in 7 weeks.  She was short and small except for the huge baby bump.  I can't believe I wrote that.  I am now ready to write for TMZ.  She wore a thin strapless white dress.  Oh yes, the thin white dress season is on us again.  She also wore blue bikini panties. 

The bride was 37, this was her 4th wedding.  Her last husband died 11 1/2  months ago.  She had a very young baby.  Not that I am judging, but it looks like she didn't grieve long. I will say they were very much in love.  I hope this one lasts for her.

Final report.  They had no witness, so grandmother from the previous wedding volunteered to be a witness.  The bride was a knockout.  She was slim and fairly tall.  She wore a strapless blue and white dress.  The bodice was smocked and it had a circle skirt.  There was an underskirt of blue tulle that was about 4 inches longer than the top skirt.   She wore silver sandal heels that had tiny blue flowers on the top of the straps.

Yes, this is long.  I will try to update the weddings more often.  Lots of short blogs are better than a long one.

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