Friday, May 27, 2011

Weddings and things

I just realized I haven't posted for a week.  It was a busy week, plus I have had an icky bug.  But I am back now.

I had one wedding with the tall people.  The groom was at least 6' 5".  His father was even taller.  He was ducking going through doorways and getting into the elevator.  I am sure he was 7'.  The bride was tall also, probably 5'10".  The bride was lovely in a black cross tied halter dress with a handkerchief hemline. She had a large red silk rose on the dress and wore red heels.  She had that fresh farm girl rosy cheeks look.  She was so excited that she was bouncing on her toes throughout the ceremony.

One couple's witness was his great grandmother.  Grandmother was 93, walked in under her own steam, with only a cane. 

Two weddings really stand out this week.  Let's first discuss the one that made me uncomfortable.  The couple came in with a license.  They wanted to record their marriage.  But no witness or officiate had signed it.  They had done a cultural wedding.  They didn't see why we wouldn't record the license.  The clerk explained it had to be signed.  So they decided to do the civil marriage.  When we got upstairs the groom tried to get me to just sign it and get it recorded.   He was from India.  She was born in Tennessee and grew up in Mississippi.   The bride was pregnant and had two other children.  She wore a different type head covering than I have seen before.  It tightly covered her head and dropped to almost her waist.  She kept her arms up under the cape part. She walked behind the men. Her eyes were down and the groom and the witness did the talking as if she was not there. I told them where to stand, he stood at the arch, she was 3 feet away.  I asked her to stand next to him.  They wouldn't look at each other, they didn't want to hold hands, and there was a feel of anger in the room. As soon as I pronounced them married she walked away.  I just felt this was a very unhappy couple.

The last wedding made me sad in a different way.  It also was a really happy wedding. There were 20 guests at the wedding.  Everyone was happy and having a great time. The bride was dressed in a one shoulder dress.  The top was white satin with a black silk rose and the skirt was black with ruching. The groom wore his dress Air Force uniform.  The bride and groom laughed throughout the ceremony.  They were so happy and so in love.  The groom's brother wore his dress Army uniform with medals.  The groom and his brother were Korean, born in Korea.  The brother is home on R&R from Iraq.  He will be going back soon.  The groom is being deployed to Iraq. 

What an incredible gift these two young men have given to their adopted country.

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