Sunday, May 1, 2011


Yesterday I gave you a blow by blow account of making sausage.  Today, we ate sausage.  For brunch we had scrambled eggs, coffee cake, and sausage patties.  Marty fried the sausages, keeping the three kinds carefully in order.  Then he cut each patty in half and we taste tested them.  As always pictures below.

 The three types of sausage are ready to be fried.  Marty has the name of each above the patty.  He put them in the pan in that order. Left  Polish Kielbasa, middle  fennel sausage, and right Sicilian Linguisa.
 Starting to fry.  Really, Really smells good.
 Flipping the patties.  Notice how little grease is in the skillet.  Marty had to add some.  We had worried they would be really greasy. When he ground the meat it had a lot of white (fat) showing.  
 They are ready to be taken up.   You may have noticed all the foil around the burners.  We hate cleaning the splatters of grease on the top of the stove and on the burners.  So we cover as much as we can with foil for ease of clean up.
Ready for the taste test. Marty plated the halves in the same order he had them in the skillet.   The sausages were really good. 

The seasonings were not as strong as the aroma.  We had worried there might be garlic over kill.  We did think there was too much salt.  We don't use a lot of salt, so it was too much for our taste.  Maybe not too much for salt users.  We put a bite of egg with each bite of sausage and that toned down the salt.  The seasonings were pre- packaged and we had used more meat than the seasonings called for.  So heaven help you if you used the correct amount of meat, I think it would have been inedible.

Now that we have made sausage several times, we are pretty sure of our abilities.  Next time we will make up our own seasonings and control the salt.  More fat and less salt next time.

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