Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Off to see our grandchildren, pretend that is

 WARNING:  If you don't like children or puppy dogs, read no further.

We have pretend grandchildren, our nephew's children.  They are really the grandchildren of my brother and his wife.  Too bad, they live in Kentucky and the children are an hour from us.  We get to see them and play with them more often.  Daddy is a pilot stationed at Travis Air Force Base and Mom is a civilian doctor who  works on base.  Last weekend Dad was in Romania and Mom wanted to run a half marathon.  We went up to watch the kids.

This is Ava our blue eyed red head.  She is trying to walk, just not ready to let go of the wall, chair leg or people leg.  When she is crawling she is fast, really fast.  She will go whizzing by and then stop and look at you.  It is as if she is letting us catch up with her, then she is off again.

Annabella, aka Bella, loves her Uncle Marty.  And he loves her.  He let her bang away on his computer all she wanted.  Here she is writing her name.  Very impressive that she can spell her name, she just turned 4.  When Marty took the computer back to do some work, she kept asking me when he would be done so she could play again.

              Mom Casey holding Ava.  Ava was trying out some solid food.

Since Marty was going to use the computer, Bella took over Marty's phone.  She is playing Angry Birds, and she is really good.  Much better than I am.  She has that thumb thing going that people my age have to learn.

We had supper on the patio.  Ava has milk, turkey, and frozen peas.  She loves frozen peas.  Notice their dog, Dexter cleaning up spilled food from her lap.  Then he would stand to the side and she would eat some food and then she would put some in Dexter's mouth.

Dexter decided he wanted to sleep with us.  At first that was fine.  He was between us and it was not too crowded.  Then he switched and was across the bottom of the bed.  Marty slept on a diagonal, head on his pillow and feet on my side.  My feet???  they were hanging off the edge of the bed.  We tried moving Dexter, he wasn't having it.  Once he is in bed he doesn't move.

Aunt Janet feeding our little bird.  Who eats likes she is starving.  This child loves food, and eyes your food while you eat. 

This is my favorite picture of the weekend.  Marty and I are trying to fix our lunch after we fed the girls.  Every time we opened the refrigerator Ava was there.  As was Dexter.  Ava wanted some juice that was on the bottom shelf beside her milk.  She even tried to climb up the inside of the fridge to get to some of her food.  She is a corker.

We had a good time taking care of the girls.  They are sweet and loving little girls.  They are also very busy.  As I said we had a good time with them.  But we were glad when Casey came home and we could go home.  There is a reason God gives children to young people.  We senior citizens poop out.

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vallerose said...

animals expand at night to fill all available space. A 12 pound dog during the day becomes monster dog and demands the whole bed at night. I know our cats are small, but when they sleep with us, I am moved ever so slowly to the edge of the bed.