Sunday, July 10, 2011

One groom shared way too much with me . . .

Since Monday was a  holiday, I only did marriages on Wednesday.  I was slammed the first hour and then nothing for nearly two hours. 

Two weddings stand out for several reasons.  Others were sweet, a widow getting a second romance, a bride marrying on her lunch hour.  Pretty normal happenings at the Marriage Factory.  The stand outs, the weddings were pretty normal.  They just had some interesting add ons to the events.

One couple I can't remember.  But I remember one of the witnesses.  He is carrying a leather wrapped wheel.  The spokes and the hub were a shiny metal in a pretty design.  The wheel was at most a foot and a half in diameter.   Being the nosy person I am, I asked what he was carrying.  I thought I knew, but it just didn't make sense.  I was correct, it was a steering wheel.  "Why, are you carrying it around?" I asked. His explanation was: if he took the steering wheel off, car thieves couldn't drive his car therefore they couldn't steal his car.   Logical I guess. 

The other stand out was a Chinese couple in their 40s.  They had come to register their marriage.  They were surprised that they had to buy a license and go through a ceremony.  Each had been married before while living in China. There you registered your marriage with the government and had a family ceremony.  I married them and then took them into the marriage desk.   Clerk M would complete the rest of the paperwork.  

I took a bathroom break at this point.  As I was starting to leave the stall, I heard the door to the hall open.  I saw in the wall of mirrors the groom walking into the women's restroom.  (I could see everything he did reflected in the mirrors. Everything!)   He looked around, searching for the urinals I am sure.  None in here.  I figured he would realize he was in the wrong room and leave.  NO.  He went into a stall, leaving the door open.  At this point I shut my stall door and waited.  If I went out we would both be embarrassed.  Let us say this man really really needed to go.

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