Saturday, July 16, 2011

Light day at the Marriage Factory

Wednesday I only had two wedding ceremonies to perform.  They both were interesting for different reasons.

The first couple was from Nepal.  He was in casual slacks and shirt.  She wore a black lace tunic over back leggings.  They had three witnesses who were more excited that the couple.  The witnesses took video and dozens and dozens of pictures.  Everyone was really happy and excited.  When I pronounced the couple husband and wife, the bride and groom hugged each other.  The witnesses went crazy, yelling and cheering.  When I took the couple into the wedding desk for their certified copy of the license, the groom said, "I need a drink."

Clerk H brought me the next license and said, "They are an interesting couple."  I knew there would be trouble.  She wouldn't explain, just wanted me to decide on my own.  Then she said, "Oh, don't breathe around the witness."  I asked if he was high on marijuana, heavy perfumed, what.  She just said, "Dirty." When I met them I felt they were making a a statement of how super cool they are.  They weren't cool.  The groom had the sides of his head shaved and then this thick pelt hung down the middle of his head to his shoulders.  He had on some weird suit that was like a zoot suit that missed the mark.  The bride had on a tight spandex blouse and spandex micro mini that looked spray painted on her.  She had on ripped black heavy stockings that had runs in them.  They really acted as if they were the coolest duo out there.  Neither was very clean.  Her hair was full of what my grandmother would have called "rats' nests".  They thought the whole ides of vows, rings, a ceremony was a big joke.  And to top off this was the witness.  He would rub off he was so dirty.  Clothes filthy, hands, hair grimy.  I hated to let him use my pen to sign the license.

Now the above is enough to remember them.  But it gets worse.  During the ceremony I nearly screamed at the couple to knock it off and get a room.  They were groping, grinding, and rubbing each other.  And I felt as if they were just doing it for a show.  I was totally grossed out by the time I got them out of my wedding room. 

We rarely have tacky people like the last couple.  People respect the ceremony, they respect the commissioners doing their job.  When we get difficult people, we still do our jobs.  We treat the public with honor and respect.  But we will talk about them after they leave.

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