Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pretend Grandchildren: part 2

I received an email from my sister- in- law tonight.  She was commenting on my post about her real grandchildren.  She told me that Hall, her grandson, who is visiting them this week couldn't understand why I didn't mention him in my blog. Why did I only write about his little sisters? He just turned 8 and doesn't get that I was writing about last weekend and not about all my pretend grandchildren. He wants to know why I left him out.

You know what, he is right to be upset.  He is the one who made us the pretend grandparents.  Last year he invited us to his school for Grandparents' Day.  I wrote a blog about what a special day it was.  I also wrote about his sisters in that blog.  Yet yesterday I left him out of the blog. 

Hall, Aunt Janet is sorry.  I should have told everyone about you.  I should have told about your adventure of flying alone to Kentucky to see your real grandparents.  I should have told them that is why you weren't in the pictures.  You are visiting in Kentucky. 

So everyone, we have three pretend grandchildren that we love very much.  And I shouldn't have left out a little boy who made me a grandmother.

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