Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Left Over Lobster for Lobster Salad

Silly me, I forgot to take pictures of part 2 of the lobsters.  I finely chopped green onions, celery, and sweet pickles.  Then I squeezed at least half a lemon ( I used the lemon left over from the night before.), added lots of mayo and some sour cream.  Three dashes of Tabasco, sea salt, cracked pepper, and then the sliced left over lobster.

I put a lettuce leaves on plates, added sliced tomatoes, and then lemon slices.  I put out salt, pepper, butter and Zesta Crackers. (This is an article well worth reading.)  If you are not from the the east side of the Mississippi River, you probably haven't had the pleasure of Zestas.  These are the best crackers ever.  Marty and I grew up eating them, our parents had them before we were born.  We have family ship them to us. The original owner was Mr Streitmann from Cincinnati, Ohio. He was an almost friend of my family through church work. I think it was after his death that the company was sold to Keebler.  Wow, the blog went from lobster to Zestas.

Back to the lobster.  The salad was great.  Of course I will never be able to reproduce the salad.  I just kept putting stuff in until we liked the taste.  This meal was a continuation of my birthday.

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