Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This Time He Cooked Pho

Sunday Marty gathered his ingredients for Pho.  My Asian friends have tried to teach me to pronounce it.  The closest I get to it is fa, rhymes with Pa, Ma.  Even if we can’t say it correctly, we like to eat it.


This time he used the recipe from the box of broth.  Usually he makes his own broth, but wanted to try this.  I think his is better.


Rice noodles and the broth.


Rice noodles going in the water.


Noodles cooking.


Broth with secret ingredients, unless you read the recipe on the box, then not so secret.  Of course knowing Marty, the recipe is only a starting point.


Broth with noodles, raw thinly sliced beef to drop in to cook, basil, cilantro, jalapenos, and bean sprouts.


Just a different angle of the table.

This was  really good.  Unfortunately Monday night Marty was all done cooking.  I had to fix supper.  We had curried chicken and lots of toppings.  No one took pictures of me cooking.  So you will have to imagine what a gorgeous plate of food I put out.

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