Monday, June 4, 2012

More on my birthday

Marty, Friend Paul, and I spent most of the day together.  Paul and Marty shared making the special day happen. We loved The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel!  It is not the chick flick that someone told me.  This is good story telling and great acting.  After the movie we went to 99 Ranch and bought lobsters.  These were not just any lobsters, these were huge. 


99 Ranch, the best Asian Market ever.  Maybe one of the best groceries in the Bay Area.  Low prices, huge variety of food.  The produce is to die for.


Lobster pot, close to 2 feet tall. 


Look at these monsters against the size of Marty’s hand.    Marty is getting ready to throw them into the pot.


He is fighting Marty, see his feelers and claws gripping the outside of the pot. 


Paul took this for me.  I am too short to see into the pot. The lid went down as soon as the camera clicked.


15 minutes later, ready to eat.  Look at how they fill up the plates.  Regular readers have seen a lot of food on these plates.  Nothing has filled them up like this.


The camera focused on the front and the back is a little fuzzy.  But I wanted you all to see our lovely monsters all ready for butter and lemon.


Me, the Birthday Girl.  None of us were able to finish our lobster.  Tonight, lobster salad. 

A lovely birthday, lots of phone calls, cards, Facebook messages, emails sent me good wishes and love. 

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