Monday, June 25, 2012

More Cooking

If I keep posting cooking pictures, I may have to change the name of the blog.  I do have endings for the food.  We eat it, all of it.

Saturday, Marty went out to run errands.  He came home with live Dungeness Crab.  He threw them in a big pot, steamed them, and we then picked them. 


He picks the claws and I pick the bodies. 

After we got all the meat out, we had to decide how to fix it.   After much discussion . . .


Marty made crab cakes.  I made a Remoulade Sauce to go with them.  The crab cakes are made mainly from the meat of the bodies.  He served the claws whole.


A close up of one plate.  Lemons are from our tree.  The crab cakes had no filler, all luscious meat. 

This was a great Saturday night meal.  Not boring.  And again we were working together in the kitchen.  Even both of us cleaned up the kitchen. 

Hope you like the cooking side of our life.  The next blog is Pho. 

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