Monday, June 11, 2012

The Tempest

Until last Friday I had not seen the Tempest since 1959 or 60.  My grandmother and I watched it together on TV.  It probably was shown by Hallmark Theater.   Her TV was a 12 inch black and white.  We didn’t need a color TV, we made the color in our minds.(For you young things, color TV was a rarity.  We didn’t get a color TV for another 6 years.) I am sure as a teenager I did not appreciate the language, nor really understand some of the story.  But it entertained and 50 years later I remember it.

Last Friday night my birthday celebration continued.  Friend Paul took me to see The Tempest at Cal Shakes.  For those of you not from the Bay Area, let me tell you a little about going to Cal Shakes.

It is an outdoor theater in a eucalyptus grove nestled up against the Berkeley Hills.  It may be June, but it is rarely warm at night here like the rest of the country.   Friday night I wore a parka with a hood and gloves.  Paul rented two blankets apiece for us.  One to cover the chair and prevent the wind from coming from the back.  The other blanket was to cover our fronts. That tricky wind came from all directions.  Was I warm, sometimes.  Did being cold prevent me from enjoying the play?  Not at all.

The play was beautiful to watch.  It was funny, the dancing was interesting, the costumes were amazing, the acting well done, the set was a masterpiece, as were the props.  Every time the thunder boomed, I jumped.  I was looking up for rain once or twice.  Well done.  An evening of entertainment and friendship was greatly enjoyed.

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