Saturday, June 23, 2012

Such a Yummy Dinner

I love to cook.  BUT, I get real tired of every day cooking.  I have been making some of the same dishes for 45 years.  So every now and then I think, what’s new for supper. 

We love breakfast for supper.  Fried eggs or scrambled, with bacon or sausage, toast and jam, and potatoes fried in some unhealthy way. Usually with bacon grease, heaven on a fork.  All that with a big glass of milk is great.  But even that gets boring.  Still tastes good, but boring to cook.

I read recipes for entertainment.  Recently I have seen lots of foods cooked in muffin tins lined with bread, bacon, prosciutto, or ham.  Pig is always good.  What could I do?  I had prosciutto in the freezer and lots of eggs.  I told Marty what I was going to do.  He said if I wanted him to, he would make a Béarnaise sauce and fry up some potatoes.  Hell yes I wanted him to.  Fun in the kitchen, both of us creating.

I sprayed the muffin cups with Pam.  Next I lined the muffin tins with prosciutto up to the top of the cups.  Not as easy as that sounds.  It’s like working with cheap plastic wrap.  The prosciutto collapsed onto itself.  There was no getting it straightened out.  So I did what all cooks do with an error, I destroyed the evidence.  I ate it.

I got the hang of the prosciutto and lined the cups.  I then, one at a time, broke eggs into a little pitcher.  I carefully poured an egg into each cup.  I peppered them.  No salt because prosciutto is really salty. This was baked at 375 degrees for a little too long.  The whites looked runny and we left it in for 30 minutes.  I think 25 would have been better.  I like runny eggs and these were more of a firm yolk.

While I was doing that, Marty was working on potatoes and Béarnaise sauce.  (I did help stir the sauce) We toasted bread, cut it into circles.  That went on the plate first, the eggs were placed on the toast and the sauce was poured over them, and lastly the potatoes went on the side. 


Building the meal.  Toast down, egg cups on top.


Béarnaise sauce pouring onto egg cup two.


Second plate of egg cups getting their Béarnaise sauce.


Ready for the taste test.


Smell wonderful, and yes, it was yummy.

When we do this again, I will cook the eggs a shorter time.  And I will make Marty pour more of the Béarnaise Sauce on the eggs.  I make a great Béarnaise Sauce, but I think his topped mine.  I just wanted to eat the sauce.

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