Thursday, June 21, 2012

Back to the Marriage Factory

Wednesday at the Marriage Factory was one of my first outings after my Mother died.  It wasn’t that I felt I should sit home and live quietly for a while.  I just kept  bursting into tears.  But Wednesday I had it together and was ready to do weddings.

The first couple the groom was from West Virginia.  He was thrilled to have a Southern Lady from Kentucky doing the ceremony.  We talked about the Hatfield and McCoy feud, and that we probably were cousins 10 times removed.  The bride was a large plus size woman.  Her tunic top was low cut and she didn’t have a bra on.  Her breasts sagged to her waist.

For some reason Wednesday, we couldn’t find commissioners to do Spanish weddings.  At first if was their lunch time, and then the rest of the day, they weren’t answering their phones.  Finally they tracked down a translator and I did the Spanish ceremonies.  One problem with that, the translator forgot to explain to one couple the paperwork.  So I did hand motions and got them downstairs to record their marriage license.  I had to ask a bilingual clerk to explain to the couple what we were doing.

I love reading the licenses and seeing the information about divorces.  The next groom’s divorce was two days old.  Wish I knew the story behind that.  The bride had written out an almost prayer to bless their marriage and to bring her two daughters into the marriage. They asked me to read it before I started the ceremony. It was lovely.

Couple number five were cute and very relaxed.  Maybe they had had some help to be that relaxed.  He wore a long sleeved gray shirt and gray slacks with pointy toed cowboy boots.  He also had clip on suspenders.  Now that is just wrong, no one but little children wear clip ons.  His bride wore a black squared neck slip dress. The dress fit her perfectly, the back had several darts that pulled it in to her body tightly, but not too tight.  The hemline had a couple of inches of black lace.  And on her feet, cowboy boots.

The last couple arrived in this.
limo 3 - Copy
This was the longest stretch limo I have ever seen.  The whole family arrived in it.

The bride wore a creamy square necked dress with spaghetti straps.  It was a lined gauzy material that fell to the floor.  She carried pink roses.  The groom wore a white Hawaiian style shirt with a Kukui nut necklace and a pink rose boutonniere. 

Marty was across the street waiting for me when the limo pulled up to pick the family up.  He grabbed his Iphone and snapped away.

limo 2
Loading the limo up.  The groom is at the door of the limo.

More of the family loading in. 

I was lucky Marty was sitting there when the limo pulled up and the family came out.  He knew I would want pictures. 

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