Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Are you as tired of this move as I am?

It seems nothing about our moving in goes as planned.  But some things at least are over.  And some nice things are happening. 


The truck is returned.


My big honking refrigerator is finally in and running.


Many boxes are unpacked.


Essential items were found.


Pretty things that make me happy were found.

But some things just made us mad. The satellite internet installers were almost 9 hours late.  That made it very dark when they arrived.  They were on the roof with lights on a headband.

As we waited we kept working.  Marty and I put down our Oriental rug in front of the bed.  It had about 6 inches to go under the bed’s legs.  Did I say it is an iron four poster bed?  It weighs a ton and we had another 100 pounds of boxes on it.  I can’t lift it and neither can Marty.  But nobody there but us chickens.  Marty got a lever, the ironing board, and lifted the bed.  I pushed the rug under the each leg.  We then repeated the process under the armoire.  The ironing board ???


Do you like the bend in the legs and the top?  Sweet Marty promised to quickly buy me a brand spanking new ironing board.  Be still my heart.

It is coming together.  The boxes are dwindling down.  Furniture and rugs are in place, well almost.  If all goes well by Wednesday night we will be sleeping at our new home.  Please may I have a working kitchen sink by then.

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