Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Finally, Back to School

Tuesday I was back at school, the first time since May.  I was thrilled to be there, and Ms. H was happy I was back.  Lots of hugs, a few tears as we caught up.  Mostly though it was a happy morning.

IMG_3244  IMG_3245

The classroom.  Lots of work of the children.  Lots of work from Ms. H.

We did some regular work, reading, phonics. writing sentences.  Then the fun part began. A Ranger from the East Bay Parks was there to teach the children about amphibians and reptiles.  IMG_3208

Ranger James is showing pictures of the life cycle of a frog, or the big word he taught the children, metamorphosis. 


This is Freddy the frog and his friend the snake.  Freddy taught the children about the eggs, tadpoles, developing legs, and then a real frog.


The clear plastic are “frog eggs”, the front green animal is the tadpole with legs, behind that the light green is a tadpole, and then Freddy Frog.


Ranger James is showing us a snake skin.  It was then passed around to touch.


Ms. H is taking a picture of the snake skin.  She took lots of picture.  Later the children will pick a picture and write about this lesson.


Ranger James has a large live frog in his hand.  Children were allowed to touch if they wanted to.  The frog was not happy.

Then Ranger James said we were going to play a game.  A person would be blindfolded and handed objects to identify.  We could only answer yes or no to her questions.


Ms. H was the guesser.  She was handed frog eggs (real), a turtle shell, a snake skin.  Then he said the next item would be alive, and wiggly.  She is the bravest woman I know.  She sat there, making faces but let the tiny newt crawl over her hands and arms.  I would have run screaming from the room.


After the blindfold came off, she walked around to show the children the newt.

As the children left the room, Ranger James had another live critter, a snake.


This is a type of milk snake. For protection its markings are very much like the deadly coral snake.

This was a great lesson, lots of fun, laughing, and awe.  Ranger James rocks.

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