Tuesday, March 5, 2013

7 1/2 Hours Later

I have mentioned here, on Facebook, and to everyone who will listen, we have stuff.  We have stuff that will not fit in the apartment, but we will need once or twice a year.  Stuff like suitcases, Christmas stuff, tools, good china and silver, we have stuff.  We are renting a storage unit that is way too expensive and in the next town.  So we bought a storage shed.  The landlord will rent a place on the property for us to put our shed.  Yay, our stuff will have a home.

After researching brands, Marty ordered a shed from Overstock.com.  Free shipping, other companies wanted up to $300 to ship/deliver a shed to us.  Yesterday the shed arrived, in two boxes weighing about 250 pounds each.  The truck driver only drops the package on the property and leaves.  We need it on the back of the property, about a block away.  Marty tipped the driver and it was dropped where we needed it.

Marty came in and asked me if I wanted to come see the parts and pieces.  Sure, I’ll go look.  7 1/2 hours later I went back inside. 

I looked at all those parts, and knew Marty couldn’t put it together alone.  It was a two or three man job.  We skipped lunch, I brought out some Pepsi and slices of cheese.  We worked until after dark, using my phone app for a flashlight.  It is done, ready to be stuffed with our treasures.


Marty is reading, make that looking at the directions.  There were no written directions, just pictures with parts’ numbers to be used.  Not easy.


This is the floor.  It is on top of plywood which is on top of cinder blocks.  There are three panels here.  They snap together similar to Legos. See next picture.  Then we screwed the floor to the plywood.  Oh, did I mention the first bag of screws to do this WERE not in the box? Luckily Marty had what we needed in his tool box.


This is a wall panel snapping into the floor.  Except it didn’t.  As I said similar to Legos.  You snap a Lego, it stays snapped until you pull it apart.  I used a crowbar to push up on the floor and Marty would push down.  There are four snaps, we would push one in and the next one would pop out.  I broke a nail into the quick.  But I am a trooper and kept working. When a new panel finally snapped in, it would be screwed to the next one.


Progress, the back and one side snapped in.  This corner panel took forever to snap in.  I popped that crowbar between the plywood and the floor over and over.  Muttered sounds of someone saying really bad words.


It is beginning to look like a building.


Putting on the roof.  We assembled the metal rafters, and then put on the roof panels.  Everything snaps in, slides into the rafter, and then has about 10 screws.  Labor and time intensive.


This was one of my jobs.  I hung from the roof (I needed to be about 2 inches taller.  This was on my tiptoes.)  while Marty attached it to the rafters and the wall.  Sometimes Marty hung from the roof and I got to use the drill to put the screws in.


Marty doing a super job of attaching the rafter to the roof panel.

                              IMG_3404                                     IMG_3398

The job is finished.  Everything is cleaned up.  Two very tired and hungry people are ready to rest.

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kts said...

POOR BABY! I am glad it worked. Sounds dreadful!