Sunday, March 24, 2013

We do love our orchids.

Marty and I discovered orchid plants in the early 1970’s.  Depending on where we have lived and whether there was water rationing. we continued to have orchids.  When we sold the house with our greenhouse in 2012, we were afraid that was the end of growing orchids.  What apartment would be bright enough or have outdoor space for when the orchids weren’t blooming?  We sold and gave away some of the orchids.  Friends took our cymbidiums, just to babysit them they said. 

We thought we would never have room for the cymbidiums, they are huge plants.  Richard and Luis had us bring our other orchids and when we left there to apartment hunt, they tended to them.   Well, now we have windows 8 feet tall.  We have a back porch and lots of steps.  We have collected our orchids and are enjoying them muchly!  Our friends are great babysitters of orchids.  I have pictures to show you the glory of blooming orchids all through our home.

Be sure to click on the pictures to see the detail.  Orchids come in all sizes and colors.  Some have wonderful aromas.  Some just look pretty and have no aroma.  And pretty they are.

IMG_3417     IMG_3422

We have the tiny white bloom.   In contrast, here is this yellow and red lovely cymbidium bloom, much bigger, almost saucer size.  The bloom spikes on this one are three feet tall.


Another cymbidium blooming its heart out.  Who knew brown could be so rich?


This is sitting on the freezer.  The buds are just starting to swell.

IMG_3424   IMG_3425

Here we have a cymbidium. pinkish white with touches of purples.  The next picture is an Iwanagaara (Apple Blossom) which is a cross of a cattleya.  Another white and purple but very different.  Notice that the Iwanagaara’s two bloom spikes have different colored flowers.  Yet it is the same plant.  Weird.  This smells incredible.


As I said, they come in all colors, Halloween Orange.


Pure white with just  a touch of purple.  You have to look inside the bloom to see the purple.


This is on Marty’s desk.  It is white with a touch of purple and a yellow throat.


The ones setting buds, or bloomed out will live here on the back porch.  It is covered and has windows all around it. There is room for plants to sit on the back steps too.  Marty is a happy boy.  He doesn’t have a green house any more, but our make do is going to work.  He can continue to garden.  Maybe some time I will write about his herb garden.

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