Saturday, March 30, 2013

A couple of weddings

Wednesday was really slow at the Marriage Factory.  No one to marry until 10 minutes before the cut off time.  Yep, 3:50 and I was handed 2 marriage licenses.  Now usually I would be pleased to do the ceremonies.  But that day I was having an eye problem.  Or maybe a head problem.

I have silent/painless migraines. (Usually I have no pain)   I just get an aura and can't really see much except swirling prism lights for 30 minutes to an hour. The older I get the longer they last. Afterwards I am exhausted and feel weird for the rest of the day.  The aura starts as a tiny circle and spreads throughout my total vision blocking everything   At half way through it begins to diminish and the circle opens gradually.   I can see some things as the aura wears off.  I was just past half way through the aura when I was handed the licenses.  I knew as it diminished I would have a wider circle of normal vision.

I could see just enough to check the licenses.  I could see to walk, and I have several ceremonies close to memorized.  Although I don't trust my memory and always have my book open.

I went out for the first couple.  She was 45 and this was her third marriage.  He was 40 and this was his second marriage.  That is a lot of baggage between them.  They were bubbly and happy as any couple should be.  I married them and  by the end of the ceremony my vision was almost normal. He was gorgeous to look at and charming.   I looked at her and thought what a good looking blond.  Her hair was pulled back in a loose bun with tendrils hanging down.  She wore a tailored silver grey pant suit, just one long look of Grace Kelly.  And  then I really looked at her:  her hands were scarred and discolored, her face had a lopsided smile, that smile caused by a two inch puckered scar on her cheek, and her face was discolored in places.  This woman had been in an awful accident and was scarred.  But she came across as a lovely classic blond princess.  I think her personality was so charming that you saw her inner beauty that was covering her scars.

The next couple were Chinese.  They were very Americanized and traditional at the same time.  He was sedate and she was giggly and bouncy.  After the ceremony, no kiss or hug  Just a thank you to me.  They were dressed causally, jeans and Tee shirts.  She kept on her down vest during the pictures.  When I said I would take pictures of the couple and their 2 guests, the guests both took off their coats and started primping for the pictures.

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