Monday, March 11, 2013

Weddings from last Wednesday

Today I am writing the blog post I should have written Friday.  We had a busy weekend.  Marty and a friend brought most of what was left in the storage unit to our storage shed.  So Saturday and Sunday we were unpacking again, putting up things, repacking what doesn't work, and taking the boxes back to the shed.  We are still going through things.  And there is more to bring to our shed.  Not much, but some.  Now to the weddings.

Wednesday was again a slow day for weddings. The first wedding the groom asked me, " Do you know my friend, Joe, who works here.  I thought of our Joe who guest blogs, and is the only Joe who volunteers.  I said yes, he and his wife are my friends.  Oh, groom's Joe is not married and doesn't do weddings.  He works for a County Supervisor.  Not in this building and not our Joe.

The bride wore a black suit with a pencil skirt, short jacket, and the under blouse was black.  She wore a wrist corsage of white roses and carried white roses.  The groom wore a black suit, white shirt, and no tie  He had a white rose boutonniere.  The witness pulled out a beautiful pearl tiara for the bride's something borrowed. The bride wasn't sure, was it too much?  I told her it was one of the few times in her life she could wear a tiara and she should wear it.  She looked beautiful wearing it.

It was sad to be with the next couple.  He (64 looked 100) was legally blind (some sight) dragging an oxygen tank. The canister was not even on wheels  She (59 looked 79) was totally blind and could barely walk.  Their caregiver was with them and the brides' daughter and two grand daughters.  He would bend double trying to breath after walking.  I suggested they do the ceremony sitting on the bench.  No, they wanted to stand under the arch (the daughter had told them about it).  They held hands tightly during the ceremony.  When we went back downstairs, the daughter reminded him that he had a doctor's appointment later Wednesday.  He said I am too sick to go to the doctor.

When I returned to my desk, the lead clerk asked me to help train clerk K who is new to Vitals.  K and  I went over the license. It was a reprint, and it and the souvenir certificate couldn't be completed because of mechanical problems. Wedding Desk Clerk C was going to finish the paper work.  K joined me to observe this ceremony.  The couple was from Ethiopia.  She was gorgeous and he was very handsome.  He wore a black suit with a crisp white shirt.  She wore a long blue wrapped dress which had long sleeves.  The couple looked very elegant.  I noticed she wasn't talking and that he was translating.  I asked if English was going to be a problem, and he said that he thought she might be OK.  Might be?  Great.  I questioned her and she was able to answer me in very short sentences.  I was sure she could understand what was going on.  I did a ceremony that the couple did not have many vows to say to take the pressure off the bride.

The last wedding was a good one for K to observe.  I had told her that you never know what is going to happen, and this wedding proved the rule   We had license problems,  the couple had to sign again, a dead typewriter, and had to prove the bride understood English.

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