Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Doorbell Rang

Tuesday afternoon the doorbell rang.  Well almost rang, our doorbell is a wimp.  I went downstairs, opened the door, and there was a great surprise.


There on the porch was a nearly three foot long box with my name on it.  And it was a ProFlowers’ box.  YAY!  Our son, Erik, and his wife, Jennifer, had sent me flowers.  No reason.  It isn’t my birthday, our anniversary, Christmas. They just sent Mom/Janet flowers.  How sweet and wonderful is that?

Inside the box were dozens of alstroemeria in tight bud.  I trimmed the ends as instructed, put the food in the vase and put the flowers in.   They were very thirsty and drank deeply for a couple of hours.


The flowers are just starting to open.


That evening I had to take them off the mantle and put them on the kitchen table.  They were so wide they were mashing against the wall.  There were still a lot of buds to open.


Thursday morning the flowers are about 90% open.  They just get wider and wider.  They are so gorgeous!


The doorbell rang Thursday mid morning. A FEDEX driver hands me another ProFlowers’ box with my name on.  This box is a foot shorter than Tuesday’s box.  But still damn impressive.  What a great week I am having!

Inside the box

IMG_3448 IMG_3449

more flowers, but no card.   More directions on the care of this time, tulips.


Trimmed, fed, in their protective shell.


An overhead shot of the inside of that shell.


Four hours later the shell is off and the tulips are showing off their colors.

Now the question is who sent them?  The vase in the first shipment was chipped and Jennifer called and told ProFlowers.  They were shipping a new vase immediately.  So they could be building good will and threw in a dozen and a half stems of tulips.  Maybe. 

But I think it is much more likely that I have a secret admirer.  Wonder what he will send me next?


kts said...

Such gorgeous flowers! Wish I could have seen them in person today! Might have to barge in on you all tomorrow :)

Erik Appel said...

So the second box is an apology from ProFlowers for the chipped vase and damaged box from the first batch.

They said they'd "take care of it" when we talked to them.

I guess it's easy to apologize with flower when you're a flower company.

Anonymous said...

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