Thursday, March 14, 2013

Busy Week

There has been nothing normal about this week.  Tuesday I didn't get to volunteer at Kaiser School.  Marty trumped my need for the car with a doctor's appointment. Tuesday afternoon Comcast was here, more on that later.  Wednesday I didn't go in to the Marriage Factory because of lack of sleep.  Today I was to spend the afternoon with a good friend doing nothing but girl talk.  Her child is home from school sick so that fell through.  So I have washed clothes, cleaned part of the house and done some cooking.

Now to Comcast.  As everyone knows we have had trouble on trouble with our satellite Internet.  It is slow, it goes down sometimes for days, it isn't compatible with Direct TV.  Even though I am not real fond of the Comcast company dating back to rudeness and lack of service 8  years ago, they are our only option for Internet.  AT&T told us that don't have the speed we need in our neighborhood. 

Comcast sent two technicians who were professional, who told me every step that they were doing, and who couldn't get anything to work. The little 1 hour job took 4 1/2 hours to complete. The  first modem (or could be a router it is all magic to me) they installed just didn't work.  They installed another one, better with built in WIFI.  They had some issues but it worked.  They told me to write down the security key, they turned the box over to get it, and the manufacturer had left it off.  Box 3 was installed. They called their support guy, told him to delete number 2 and activate number 3.  Guess which one he deleted, yep number 3. After much muttering number three finally worked, for the Internet, not On Demand for Direct TV.

That next night I called Direct TV.  Told our long sad tale of satellite Internet not working, On Demand not working, and I want it fixed, I want money off our bill because I am not getting the services I am paying for.  I told them we have a new Internet company, and still no On Demand.  Marty or I have made these calls almost weekly for over 2 months.  I finally talked to someone intelligent. Well two someones, a tech rep and her supervisor. 

Both of these women listened to me, and told me what is going on.  There is a computer glitch with our model of the DVR box  Engineering is working hard to correct the problem.  They have known about this for two weeks, funny we have had the problem for two months.  And we have talked to other techs in the last week and they didn't tell us this.  The supervisor also said we should never been hooked up to satellite Internet.  The Federal guidelines say only use satellite if there are no other options.  In other words, you live in the middle of the wilderness in Alaska.  They are knocking $10 off our bill for the next 6 months.  That isn't a lot, but it is only one channel that is messed up.

We will see if this is finally cleared up.  Stay tuned.

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