Saturday, June 15, 2013


Tomorrow is Father's Day.  It is a day to honor the men who helped us grow up.  Sometimes those men are the blood father, sometimes they married into a family. Many times they are men in the community who helped a child grow up. 

Father figures take children fishing, they teach a child how to shoot a gun and how to respect a gun, they pay bills, take a child horseback riding or to a ballgame.  Teenagers are taught to drive a stick shift and to change a tire. You learn from them how to drive a tractor or a riding lawn mower.  They might teach you to cook.  Or you might learn how to get ticks off the dog. 

Good men set rules and enforce them.  They set examples for living a good life.  These men prepare children for adulthood.  They keep a watchful eye on their child.  They are the fathers, uncles, neighbors, friends who give a helping hand to a child, teenager, adult. 

I have been blessed with several such men in my life.  They were there for me, for my child, for children I know. You never get too old for a Daddy, Pop, Father, Papa.

Much love to my Papa Jack and to Marty my love and the father of our son.

Happy Father's Day!

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