Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The Supreme Court struck down DOMA and said the ruling that Prop.8 is unconstitutional stands.  Equality takes another step forward.

I am so happy over these rulings.  My gay friends and family have gained rights that all human beings should have.  I can't begin to understand the level of happiness they are feeling.   It is the joy of being equal, the happiness to walk in and buy a marriage license where you live.  No more marrying in another state as a statement of love and commitment then come home and the ceremony is not recognized.  

In about 25 days I can again do marriage ceremonies for ANYONE.  Happy Dance everyone!

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ButchCountry said...

it's about time that the USA woke up and joined the 21st century, your neighbours to the north granted same sex marriage and equal rights for ALL years ago, our society didn't end, the world didn't implode,in fact it boosted our morale, and put us on the world stage... not bad for a bunch of igloo loving eskimos eh? Perhaps this awesome step forward for equality in the USA will help heal the world view of the great nation that once was and can again be.