Monday, June 24, 2013

So Few Weddings

I am not sure what has happened to all the couples in love.  Wednesdays have become an almost nothing day for weddings.  And I have been told other days have slowed down too.  But the numbers don't really matter.  When there is love there is love.

I have done a wedding each Wednesday.  I was going to do my fashion thing, and write about the nervous groom.  I changed my mind.  The best wedding was on last Friday.  Joe may have done it, or Patricia, it could have even been done by staff.  A staff person posted on facebook  a fabulous comment.  I am stealing your comment, L.

Today, an 83 yr old man and an 85 yr old woman came in to get married. 

 Love is love wherever and however you are  

- I raise my party cup to u folks! Cheers!

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