Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Last Tuesday at Kaiser until Fall

Tuesday at Kaiser School we were really busy.  This was the last week of the 2012-2013 school year.  Lots of things to finish up, Tooth Fairy Pillows, Summer Fun Packets, Memory Books, and more.  I have some pictures to show you the end of a school year.

Displays on bulletin boards must be taken down.

This contains ideas for the summer, math pages, word lists, worksheets, puzzles.

The Anthology contains selections of each child's creative writing from throughout the year.

The packets on each table contain the Fun Packet, the Memory Book, the Anthology, and a rolled up map each child had made.

Each child made a pillow to put a tooth in.  Losing a tooth is a huge deal for small children.  Think back to your childhood.  The Tooth Fairy belief lasts longer than Santa Claus.

They picked two colors of felt, cut a triangle for a pocket and stitched it on one piece.  They cut into each side of the squares and then came the hard part.  They took a strip of each color and tied a double knot.  Some of the children do not have the muscle dexterity to tie short pieces together.  This is where the adults (we had extra that day) came in.  We had the child keep trying while we sat and tied most of the pillow.  Notice one end on this one is not tied yet.

Another combination of color. The open end is where the stuffing will be pushed in.

Stuffing away.  Then that end will be tied.

Finished product.

One little girl leaned into me to tell me a secret. She whispered to me,  "Ms. Appel, yesterday we made cards for you."

Apples were a popular theme, trees.

Apple pies.

Hearts were a big theme also.

Inside the cards were sweet notes. (esere = easier) This one made me tear up.  This child really knew how to push my buttons.  He is so sweet, and so very hard headed.  I was so tickled he ended up liking me.

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