Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Weddings Have Begun!

Huge wonderful surprise this afternoon.  The court said no 25 day waiting period for same sex marriages, they can begin immediately.  Couples raced to buy marriage licenses and the ceremonies began. 

I was asked to come in on Monday and help do ceremonies.  I first thought no I can't.  My brother and his wife arrive Saturday (today) from Kentucky.  They will be here less than a week.  Marty and I talked it over.  He said I should go I should be a part of this historical event.  He will entertain them, luckily he likes my family.  That doesn't always happen in a marriage.

So Monday, Joe our guest blogger, other volunteers, and I will be at the Marriage Factory.  We will be marrying couples who have up to now been told they weren't allowed to marry.  Now they are equal.  It will be so emotional.  It will be such a happy day.  I can't wait.

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