Monday, June 10, 2013

The school year is winding down

Tomorrow will be my last day volunteering for this school year.  The end of August it all begins again.  Last Tuesday we were busy with different things.  The class worked in their science journals writing about an experiment they had done the day before.  They also were given pictures of older science projects and were to write about those.  Another volunteer and I spent a lot of time taping pictures in each journal.

Ms. H handed out their very first creative writing story and one done last week.  The two papers were mounted on a large piece of black construction paper.  Each child then wrote four sentences that told how the papers were different/improved.  We got some good thoughts: the older stories were messy, their penmanship had improved, the new story was neater looking, they used complete sentences, they now used punctuation, capital letters were used at the beginning of sentences, capital letters did not show up in the middle of sentences or words,  they could spell their last name, they used descriptive words.    After they wrote about the differences they read them to the class.

After a morning of the class working hard, I read them a story.  A couple of weeks ago I read them Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We discussed how destructive Goldilocks was, and how she was breaking laws.  This week I read them  Goldilocks Returns by Lisa Campbell Ernst.    Be sure to click on the link and read a couple of pages.  In this book Goldilocks feels guilty for what she did to the Three Bears years and years ago.  She decides to make it up to them.  Things do not go as planned.

My Tuesdays are free this summer, school and Book Group are on break.  Not sure how I will fill all up the time, but I sure about one thing.  I will be sleeping a lot later. 

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