Friday, June 7, 2013

It was a grand birthday

Monday was my birthday. A friend picked me up and took me out for breakfast.  Later Marty and I went to the movies, we saw Fast and Furious 6, and then we went out for dinner.

I love Chinese food.  This was a new place for us.  Service was iffy, they brought our entrees, and then our soup.  We canceled the soup.  Service didn't really matter our food was fabulous. We had Kung Pao Chicken and Beef with Mixed Mushrooms.

Tuesday night I went to my book group's pot luck.  At the end of each several weeks' session we have a pot luck and judge the books we read.  Spouses are invited, so Marty joined us.  After we ate we started to rank the books.  But we were interrupted.

Frank the Lawman came in and started reading my outstanding warrants from Kentucky, (for those who don't know me personally, I grew up in the mountains of Kentucky).  I was wanted for driving most of the CHS football team to the bootlegger, problems with Social Probation at EKU, other minor things.  Then he said there were my love life problems.

                  This is one of my suitors.  He really wants me to marry him and to have his children.

                                        Looks like there is a warrant out on Marty too.

I was voted on and the group decided I shouldn't be jailed.  Then we had a birthday party.  The mantle had been decorated just for me.

What is a birthday without chocolate on chocolate cake?  What more do you need?

Candles, you have to have candles.  Notice I am protecting the cake from my bad girl germs.

I had a great birthday.  Thanks to family and friends for the love, cards, and especially to Frank the Lawman and his partner Janet R.

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