Friday, February 28, 2014

Favorite Wedding Moments

On Monday we were fairly busy.  I had several ceremonies and there were several non English ceremonies.  We never felt slammed, but a nice brisk pace.

One couple had the perfect witness, Sam.  Sam took pictures, signed the license, and was the best baby wrangler ever.  The 6 month old baby was in a stroller, wide awake and just watching us.  Sam took pictures while rocking the stroller and even plopping a pacifier in the baby's mouth at the least sound.  After the wedding he was holding the baby and taking pictures at the same time.

I saw them in the lobby, flowers in their hair, very hippy outfits, and very loud,  The bride wore a red and black Mullet chiffon dress.  She carried red and coral roses.  The groom wore a black suit, shirt, tie, and hat.  His hat had flowers on the brim.  The women guests had flowy dresses and flowers in their hair.  The men had flowers behind their ears.  I had a group of hippies.  No I was wrong, they were in the theater.  One of the guests sang a love song a cappella that was wonderful.  So, Janet, don't go judging a book by its cover.

The bride had on a striking white dress.  It was tight to the knees and then ruffled out to the floor.  The bodice was heart shaped with a tiny bit of cleavage.  She also wore a purple bra with straps wider than the dress' spaghetti straps.  AND the cleavage was filled in with a tee shirt material camisole.

My favorite moment that was not staged by a photographer as has happened in the past:  the groom dropped to his knees as he gave the bride her rings.  Every woman in the room went awwwww.

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