Monday, August 4, 2014

Another change in my life style

Last spring I wrote that I was not going to finish the year volunteering with the First Graders at Kaiser.  I was not stable and could not promise to show up regularly.  I had already missed most of the year and that was not good for the children.

I had planned to start volunteering again this month when school started.  But I am finding I still tire easily and working with First Graders is a lot of being on my feet.  A-Fib still pops up and kick the props out from under me.  So I called it a no go for this year.  I have to keep me strong and I have to think of the regular schedule small children need. 

I will miss working with the children.  And I will really hate not being with Ms. H.  But you gotta do what you gotta do.

I will continue at the Marriage Factory.  Staff can do my job if I can't make it.  If I can give them warning, one of the volunteers comes in and does an extra shift. If we are real busy, I don't do much walking, runners bring the couples up to the Marriage Room. 

I will find other things to write about.  I will vent, rant, and maybe even make up things just to keep it interesting.

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