Saturday, August 16, 2014

Shopping, Happy Dance!

My weight loss has continued.  Again my clothes are getting baggy.  Shopping therapy is called for.

I needed dress slacks, shoes, and jeans.  I have reached the goal weight I hope to be able to maintain for ever.  Maybe if I write that I will stick to being healthy. Today Marty and I went shopping.  This is why he is a keeper, he will search racks for me while I try on clothes. Plus he pushes me to wear colors other than red and black.  Thanks, Marty.

I have lost so much weight my shoes are all too wide.  I am back to wearing narrows, which few stores carry.  So no luck there.  I guess I will have to go to an upscale shoe department and pay too much money.

But fancy jeans and dress slacks he found for me.  I need a petite length now that I am considered short. Not sure how that happened, I always was the tall girl in the back row of school pictures.  Also I now wear a size 10, instead of a 20.  I can't remember ever wearing a size 10.  Not real sure sizing is the same as when I was a teenager.  But 10 makes me happy.

Happy Dance has begun!

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