Saturday, August 2, 2014

More from my backlog of weddings

One wedding the bride was 20 years older than the groom.  This is a type of wedding I love to do.  It reminds me of my Mother and Papa Jack.  Mother was about 20 years older than Jack  when they married and they were together 50 years.  As I often say, age has nothing to do with love.  And this couple was bursting with love for each other. 

Then there was the couple who had a lot of baggage.  He had been married twice before and she had already been married 3 times.  They were older ( he was 82, she was 62)  but that was a lot of marriages between them.  The thing most memorable from this ceremony is the child from Hell.  He was 4 or 5, old enough to know better.  He was kicking people, screaming, throwing toys, standing on the pews and kicking them. Not one adult told him no.  I told him no when he was on the pews.  I explained to the adults that children had bled when they fell and hit their heads on the pew.   Still no one corrected him. He needed a knot yanked in his tail. 

Now to our hyper bride.  She was stunning in a long white dress with a fingertip veil.  He was in a blue suit.  Most of the guests were dressed very nicely.  There was just one problem, the bride was so very nervous.  She was bouncing off the walls nervous.  She was loud, crass, crude.  After one really awful crude action, I stopped all the stupidity.  I told them no pictures until I got the bride calmed down.  I took her up front, called the groom up, and told her no talking just breathe deeply.  I told the groom to talk to her and hold her.  She was shaking so hard I was afraid she would fall over.  He held her and talked quietly to her, and she became calmer.  Finally I was able to do the ceremony. 

I have had a lot of nervous brides and grooms.  But never have I had the craziness of this bride. 

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