Tuesday, August 19, 2014

FACEBOOK: good? bad?

I love Facebook.  I can keep in touch with family around the world, reconnect with childhood/high school friends, lurk, laugh at strange videos.  I also recognize the dangers of Facebook.  And I think twice before posting. 

Some friends feel that Facebook is too complicated, not secure enough, too ridiculous, dangerous.  And maybe there is a little truth to that. 

I want to share some great points about the Facebook.
The posts of good wishes and prayers for Marty and me this last year have meant the world to us.  The page for Diabetic Connect has taught me so much about my disease.
We have spread info to family and friends during my many medical emergencies. 
I have bragged about my improved health and body.
I am watching nieces and nephews grow up.  We live so far from them I may never see them in person again.  But I know important things that are happening in their lives.
I have reconnected with high school friends who have surprised me with what they remember about me.  One friend said she remembered I was fun and funny.  I remember I always thought she was so perfect, so nice, so ladylike, so much more mature than I was. 

Facebook does have dangers.  And it isn't just the young teenagers who post stupid stuff.  Friends post pictures drunk out of their minds.  They make crude statements.  Others make racist remarks,  they gay bash, they tell us their faith is the only true faith..  Political posts that are so untrue are scary the way they get shared. We can believe what we want.  But we shouldn't hurt others by what we post. 

The danger here is employers check Facebook and the internet to see a person's life.  Colleges probably check to see what interests students have.  We no longer live with much privacy.  Our lives are all hanging out.

How would you feel if that post was the lead in for the 11:00 news?  So think twice before you post. 

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