Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A little fashion, names, very serious couple

The Bay Area has a population from all over the world.  And when they come to get married, I get a consensus from clerks on pronouncing names. Names are important, and I try very hard to pronounce them correctly.  Some names you think are easy and they aren't.  Andrea is just a guess.  It can be AN-dree-a,  AHN-dree-a, or ahn-DRAY-a.  Sometimes I get it right, sometime I don't.

My first couple on Monday were Ethiopian.  I saw his name and thought never will I get this one right,  Zewrigeberhan. But I did, and the bride and the witness.  They told me no one ever gets their names right.  Good job for me.

The next couple and witness were so sharply dressed.  The groom was in a grey pinstriped suit, white shirt, and white bow tie.  She wore a white chiffon floor length dress.  It had a halter top with a lace blouse under it.  But the best dressed was their witness.  He wore a suit with brown tone stripes, his shirt and tie had copper tones and his brown vest had copper buttons. 

One couple was so serious, almost frowning at each other.  I wondered if they had had a fight.  Their guests were having a great time taking pictures, laughing, teasing the couple.  But the couple just stood there, no smiles, not even close to each other.  This didn't look good.  I began the ceremony.  The groom had frown wrinkles, she was stone faced.  I pronounced them husband and wife and they laughed, hugged, kissed.  It was all OK.  I told them I didn't think they liked each other. She laughed and said, "He is my best friend, we have been together 10 years.  We were just a little nervous."

One group won best dressed group.  Everyone was dressed up, the women in long dresses, men in suits. little boys in dress slacks and starched shirts, and little girls in long puffy dresses.  The groom wore a gorgeous silver grey suit.  The bride wore a tiara with a finger tip layered veil and carried a bouquet of pink roses. Her dress was stunning, a long white princess dress.  It had a heart bodice in a satin like material with a beaded waist line.  The skirt was full and layered.  The top layer of organza was over  hundreds of three dimensional roses.  She was perfect for the cover of Brides magazine.

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