Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bridal outfits

All of us at the Marriage Factory love the outfits we see at the weddings.  Some dresses are gorgeous and some outfits are doesn't she own a mirror.  We see fun, pretty, bad, and sometimes down right glamorous.  I had a little bit of all on Monday.

My first bride wore a short, very short strapless dress that had a circle skirt.  The pattern was similar to a Jackson Pollack  painting.  Not many women could pull that off, but she did.  I also remember them for all that was wrong on their license.  The license said he lives in Vancouver, she lives in Columbus , Ohio.  As they were leaving they said they both live in Toronto.  I am guessing a recent move and IDs that don't show the new address. 

Another bride wore a peachy taupe chiffon dress.  The sleeves were long and sheer.  Pearls were sewn onto the neckline, and the dress was heavily ruched.  This was the couple with the cameras.  The groom had a 4 foot tall tripod that he set up for video.  That took a lot of time.  Then he handed a digital camera to his mother.  We finally began, and the digital camera's batteries died. On the first picture.  No one noticed the red warning thingy???   So then he had to put in new batteries.  I was chewing a hole in my cheek to keep from screaming at him. 

The worst dressed bride was in my favorite wedding.   Witness, guest, and the bride were all in the Coast Guard.  Oh, and all three were women.  None of the men were military.  The bride had on jeans and a sort of cute top.  But clothes don't really matter.  She was in love, he was in love, and the room was full of love. 

The award for the very best wedding dress in a long long time goes to the glamour dress.  The bride had hennaed hair, very now looking.  But the dress was Old Hollywood Glamour.  It was satin, to the floor, very body hugging and had a tiny train.  There was very delicate ruching about every 10 inches.  The dress was trimmed in delicate beading on the halter top straps,  across the bust line, and at the waist.  And from the middle of her back to just below the waist, were tiny satin buttons.  This dress was gorgeous.  And she had the body to wear it.  She found the dress in a thrift shop and had it altered to fit her, perfectly I must say. 

So people don't just look in a wedding store for that dress.  There are some great affordable places that have beautiful dresses.  Think outside the box.

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