Sunday, August 10, 2014

I have noticed

Whether it is a marriage ceremony or walking every day, I see things that are interesting.  I also am a little nosey and see interesting things around our neighborhood.

The reactions of brides and grooms are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and sometimes worrisome.  Nervous brides/grooms will laugh uncontrollably.  One bride bounced the whole ceremony.  Others cry.  But the worrisome ones are the bored with the ceremony people.  I feel those marriages won't last the year.

But none of these may be an indicator of a lasting relationship.  I do have an ending on one marriage I did.  The couple separated two months after the wedding and now are in a court fight deciding if it will be a divorce or an annulment.  I know this because I was deposed to tell if I thought they knew what they were doing etc.  FYI, yes they were in their right minds and not on drugs.

When I walk every day I try to make eye contact with everyone I meet.  I say hello/morning to them.  Most will nod, and say morning.  But a few try to make themselves invisible and look away, ignore me, and just rush by.  I walk a regular route most days, if not at a regular time.  Some shop keepers and I wave to each other, which feels good.  Very small towny. 

Now to my neighbors.  Right in our parking lot I have seen stuff.  The man M who is always late for his ride to work.  Now that would be none of my business but his ride shows up at 5:30 A.M. with radio blaring.  M is never waiting for the driver.  The driver gets out of his truck and whistles loudly, nothing, then yells M, M, M, nothing.  Sometimes he goes up to the door and M finally comes out. 

M is also the idiot person who charges down the steps, starts their car, and then honks and yells for his wife and kids to get in the car.  He can be late but not allowed for anyone else.

Then we had the higher than a kite woman doing laundry.  Never had seen her before, she does not live here, but hey she was really mellow.

Across the street lives a very old sick woman.  She has several care givers who, from the little we can see, are very kind.  She has several young men that are there 24 hours a day.  Some come and go, some look like they are live in.  Marty and I have seen these men carry her out to the car.  It always looks as if they have a precious bundle in their arms.  If she is having a good day, they place her on their feet and put their arms around her and "walk" her into the house.  They wave to me when I walk by, and I wave back. 

Lots of stuff goes on in a neighborhood, place of work, school etc.  You just have to observe.

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