Wednesday, March 11, 2015

And another health update

Tuesday was chemo day.  Monday I had lab work done to see if I was healthy enough for chemo.  For the first time in weeks, all the numbers were good.  I would be given the second type of chemo.

Trust me I was worried.  So far I have only been very tired.  Would the second chemo up the side effects?  Would my hair fall out again?  Would I once again be a regular in the ER?  Would I be back to being urppy, weak, full of infections? 

Well after over 24 hours, nothing new.  I am very tired.  But that is way better than other possible side effects.  Oh, my extreme itching is almost gone.  I haven't had to take the medicine for two days.

So doing good, but still need those prayers, please.

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