Friday, March 27, 2015

And another update on me

Tuesday was chemo day.  Good friend Kirsten took me for a couple of reasons.  It gave Marty time off as my caregiver, and Kirsten and I had two to three hours of just us talking.  Two hours is never enough for us, we are like a couple of teenagers yakking away.

The chemo process as usual is no big deal.  Doesn't hurt and the side effects don't usually kick in until I get home.  These two drugs are not making me sick as the pre Christmas chemo did.  I have very light nausea and tiredness.  Pills are controlling the nausea and naps work on being tired.

Now the chemo brain is a whole different story.  I can't remember squat.  And I do dumb things.  The other night I was going to turn off the kitchen light with its remote,  But it didn't work.  Why, you ask?  It didn't work because I was punching on the TV remote.

I am able to do some domestic stuff: cook, wash dishes, sort laundry, and yesterday I rearranged some furniture.  I have days I think the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is wrong.  I feel good,  nothing hurts, no trips to the ER.  How can I be a cancer patient?  Well I know I am and I know I am lucky to feel as good as I do.  Thank you prayer warriors.

Monday I had blood work done and a test was added.  It is the baseline test that identifies the type of cancer.  This is the third time they have done it.  I don't know much about it, but do know the test came back with lower numbers.  That is great news.  But what it really means, I don't know.

This afternoon I have a CT Scan to see what the mass is doing, growing, shrinking, spreading.  I am just a little nervous for several reasons.  If you remember the last time we did this, they couldn't get a good vein for the IV and I went through hell as they struggled to find a vein.  A lot of crying and pain that trip.  I told my doctor how scared I was of going through that again.  She had a way to avoid that.

I have a port in my chest for the chemo and lab work done in oncology..  No other departments are allowed to touch it.  My doctor set up that oncology will put in a link for the radiologist tech to use, I will have the scan, and then oncology will pull the link.  Thank you Dr. Kuan! One less panic attack for me.

Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts.

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