Saturday, March 21, 2015

What was going on???

This blog is named I Have No Endings because I started writing about marriages ceremonies I performed.  I knew/hoped the couple was in love, but I would never know if their marriage lasted.  Well, one I know didn't last because I was deposed for the divorce legal battle.  Then I branched out to other topics.

Now I'm not strong enough to mingle with the public and can't perform weddings, but there are other things in life that have no known ending.  Last night at our house, a huge mystery.

Around 11:00 we heard it, a circling helicopter.  Round and round it went over our neighborhood.  Loud and annoying.  First a large circle, then the pilot tightened the circle.  So they were right over head more often.  Did I say loud and annoying?  This went on for at least an hour.  I gave up on going to bed, who could sleep with the noise?  Plus if the police were looking for people in our area, I wasn't real sure I wanted to sleep.  I needed to be awake for a panic attack, when the bad guys broke in.

Nothing was on the TV news, nothing on the internet news, what was going on?  This morning there was nothing in the paper, nothing on the news.  I don't know what or who they were looking for.  But it certainly made me nervous.

And as I said, I Have No Endings.

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