Friday, March 27, 2015

CT Scan Hell

So today I went to oncology to have the link from my port set up for the CT scan dye.  Then I checked into radiology and paper work wasn't right.  So I had to wait.  Finally they took me back.  I told the tech they were to use the port since they had so much trouble hitting a vein last time.  She wasn't happy, "We will have to get a nurse to do that!" 

Forty five minutes later I am still sitting there waiting on a nurse.  I got up and complained.  I explained I am a chemo patient and I am worn out by the end of the day.  He said he would tell a supervisor. 

Finally a  nurse is found who will touch a port. ( departments other than oncology are afraid of ports and don't want to touch them)  They start the saline and dye solution.  I am starting to go through the machine and the IV tubing hangs up and is trying to rip out of my chest.  I scream for them to stop.  They rearrange the tubing and we start again.

The machine starts moving me through the "doughnut" hole and the IV tubing breaks and the dye goes all over me.  In my hair, down my back, in my ear,  all over my face, down my arms, in my  hair.   I was screaming curse words.  I could not this believe that this happened to me again.  I lost it and cried and cursed and yelled at them.  Plus I had no idea what the dye would do my skin.  They said it would do nothing, they would clean it off  me.  So they sort of cleaned me off.  I took a shower as soon as we got home.

Now my worry is was there enough dye in me to get a good picture of the mass? Trust me, I do not want to do this scan again.  And if they say do it again, I think I will go back to the hospital we went to before this one opened. 

When I went back to oncology to have the needle removed from my port, they were horrified at what had happened. They send lots of patients down to radiology and never heard of this happening, let alone twice. 

I am OK.  I have calmed down and can almost (I said almost) laugh about this. 

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