Monday, March 30, 2015

The Scan, good and bad news

Today my oncologist called with the CT Scan report. First she said she forwarded my email about the awful scan to the Chief of Radiology.  ( for those not caught up, read the post before this one)  Those involved will be talked to.  They also are trying to get permission to hire nurses just for radiology. 

There was one point in the report where the radiologist said there wasn't a good contrast so not clear on some things.  No shit, no contrast, wonder why?  Read previous blog post. 

Now to what we worried about.  Bad news the mass is a little bigger than the last scan.  Good news the mass is still smaller than the original scan and no spread.  Lots of little things showed  up.

I will have another heart echo scan. There is a possibility of fluid around the heart.  This does not involve an IV, they just grease me up and punch and roll over my heart area.  This one is not scary or painful.  A different department will do this, it is through cardiology. You know me, visit every department.  Spread the wealth.

Yes, I was really upset.  After the good blood test, I was thinking the mass was really shrinking.  So I cried and ate chocolate.  Luckily I had made brownies yesterday.  I ate too many, and the doctor thought that and wine was a good choice for tonight. 

So tomorrow I am back to living one day at a time.  I can't stay upset, that drains my energy and peace of mind. I have to stay strong and calm. I know the outcome of this disease.  I just have to go with how I am feeling now.  I feel damn good. 

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