Wednesday, March 18, 2015

No Chemo Week

My chemo treatments are three weeks on, one week off.  This week is my off week. Since my last post, not a whole lot as happened.  I am not as tired as a chemo week and that is a good thing.

Last week after I updated, I did some things out of the ordinary.  I rode BART into San Francisco to talk to our lawyer about our trust.  We need to have our ducks in a row.  I asked the doctor about using BART, not the cleanest way to travel. I wasn't sure it was safe for my low immune system.  She said to wear my mask of course, and either use hand sanitizer or to wear gloves.  I went with the gloves.  I think they drew more stares than the mask.  We were having a heat wave, sorry Eastern part of the US.   San Francisco is not known for having shirt sleeve weather.  But Friday, in the 70's, no coat and gloves needed.

Many weeks our apartment doesn't get cleaned.  Marty is working and has meetings at nights, it isn't the week Erik comes to help out, or we just don't give a damn.  This week I couldn't stand it. Warm weather and the windows are open and the urban soot rolls in.  It is bad enough when the windows are closed.  So I dusted yesterday, and I had to hold my breath while doing it. Not because things were that dirty.  But because . . .

I use Swifter Dusters.  Guess what, they now sell them scented with febreze.  Even before chemo we didn't buy scented products.  (In case you didn't know, chemo patients have problems with aromas. Smells are heightened, and smells don't smell as they should.)  The scented thing is new, at least at our store.  Never thought to check for unscented.  Huge surprise when I opened the new package  Trust me, febreze Irish scent will gag you.  Why do manufactures think every thing needs to be perfumed? 

Today I ironed some slacks or Marty.  There was only one pair and hardly worth the effort of setting up the ironing board.  I had told him last week I would iron them and today I felt perky and ironed.

I have also cooked more over the last week.  Just trying to take some of the burden off Marty and trying to be "normal".

As you can see, I lead a really really exciting life.   We have huge plans for the rest of the week.  March Madness!  Go Big Blue!  Of course we are pulling for Kentucky.

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Betty Davenport said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Janet.
Enjoy some warm weather. Irish Spring ----yuk!