Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Tonight they began with five and then there were four. Ryan put Kris and Matt on one side. He put Danny and Allison on the other. He then asked Adam which group he belonged in. That flustered Adam and he didn't want to answer. He finally said Danny and Allison. He walked to them and then Ryan said no, you are in the bottom three. Stand with Matt and Kris.

After lots of others singing, they came back to the point of the show. Who is going home? One of the bottom three is going to be safe. I knew it was going to be Adam. Even Matt and Kris seemed to think that. WRONG! Kris is safe. Matt and Adam, my favorite Adam, are the bottom two. How did Adam end up here? He is the odds on favorite to win the whole thing. I can't stand this. If Matt is safe and Adam goes home I will just spit. Then Ryan says, "Adam, you are safe." Thank goodness. Matt is gone.

But now we have only 4 left. It will be really ugly next week.

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